What to pack when traveling with a baby

Little ones need a surprising amount of stuff when traveling.Some people will tell you to pack light. They may not have a baby.You may not need everything listed but better be safe than sorry😄


Stroller(can be gate checked)

Diapers(atleast 10 or enough to make it through the journey)

Wet wipes

Diaper changing mat

Diaper rash cream or Vaseline in my case

Baby lotion


Extra clothes for baby

Plastic bags for dirty diapers

Feeding bottles ( it’s better to keep more than one)

Nursing cover ( I wear nursing dresses ,it’s much easier for me that way)




Baby Cereal

Sippy cup

Baby medications ( for sore ears or any other;also I would recommend seeing your ped before traveling)

Favorite blanket or toy

Pacifiers (a lot of them)

Baby bibs

Bulb suction ( to take those boogies out)

Breast pump (if you use one)

Baby carrier

Nail clipper or filer


Take the phone number for your baby’s healthcare provider in case you have questions while you’re on the road.

Pack each of your baby’s outfits in its own zipped plastic bag so you don’t have to hunt around for tiny socks, shirts, and so on.